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28.5 tonnes of Welsh steam coal delivered to Toddington on the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Steam Railway today following resumption of deliveries from Ffos-y-Fran opencast mine.

Cessation of production thanks to a washing/grading plant failure coupled with the Ukrainian crisis led to a sudden shortage of suitable coal and rocketing prices. The Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway like many other heritage railways has been trialling other coal products and has latterly been using Columbian coal. That is both much less economical than Welsh and has a huge carbon footprint given it is shipped across the Atlantic. Repair of the plant has given a reprieve of Welsh supplies although the mine remains set to close by the end of the year.  #coal #STEAM Heritage Railway Association

This is a copy of the text and picture sent out by Ian Crowder, Press Officer of the GWSR

It may be a short relief, but is still heaven-sent and hopefully will last us to the end of the operating season


Further to the above good news, John Cruxon has sent us encouraging news as below

With the raging temperatures the GWSR managed to keep going when a lot of others didn’t.

The downside of this we had to stop 7903 and tighten up the ashpan arrangements to ensure she did not drop sparks or ash. I bought a couple of sheets of material that the GWSR has been using very successfully and we spent quite a few days in improving things to eliminate gaps, which in itself is a challenge. We still have work to the front damper to do to try and make it removeable for washing out the ashpan, which we will get to ASAP.

You may wonder what the Wildfire Trial was or is? As Chairman of the Steam Dept I negotiated a 3 ton FOC load of Wildfire for the GWSR. This is a coal substitute BUT it is not totally coal free as it has anthracite in it. It is the first step or one of the steps on the road of  a coal free fuel. However when we tried a similar product earlier in the year it became a real issue on the day with engines running out of steam and fireman exhausted from literally continually firing. This is the next version albeit already superseded as nobody, us included liked the bonding agent which was Chlorine. Sufficient objections and concerns have been raised that the manufacturer has already removed. The issue being smell and potentially corrosive. The engine steamed well with little or no issue’s with it, albeit we light it up on Welsh. We will use up what is left in the tender and I shall be there this week to examine the grate, firebox and ashpan  etc. We will submit a report to the supplier and hopefully see what progresses. I have been in close touch with the NYMR as they have trialled it as well.